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Saturday, November 27, 2010

GUS, not Brutal Metal Community

Source : Subhan Hardi/ Safari Sidakaton 

APPEARANCE always be paramount when viewed, especially if it is not considered steady. So the appearance becomes soroton even sometimes become scorn. Unfortunately, it became a standard and valid in the eyes of our society, although not given a thorough assessment and from the standpoint of its own. It happened and experienced community of lovers of underground music streams are fairly hardline and metal.

Not a few people who considered that the followers of this music is very brutal and often make good brawl during or after the concert. This community does look brutal when listening and seeing concerts. But, in fact it is only done when attending the concert only. Once finished, there was no brawl at all. Indeed, not a few of them hugged each other as evidence for the close to one another.

Wing underground music community who nicknamed GUS (Grabag Underground Society) to do that. The child-based Metal Sekarjit office on Jl Grabag Kaliaji Magelang No. 314 this would create a lot of social action. In fact, they deny the action brawl. While watching the concert, is often collide and elbowing each other but after that not at all.

GUS to raise their social community-based underground music, "said Andrew GUS representatives who visit the 'headquarters' TNOL some time ago.

According to him, GUS which was inaugurated on January 15, 2001 in the District of Magelang Grabag as a container to collect people - people who like extreme music in order to become one organization. With the establishment of GUS, the flow of metal music lovers can find various kinds of information on underground music.

In addition, members can also GUS up to date with other communities. When newly inaugurated more than 60 people lovers of loud music flow is a join. While now a member of GUS reached 52 people and the incoming GUS structural reached 35 people.

To ensure that GUS was not as bad as alleged, Andry contact Nawawi, Chairman of GUS, who was in Borneo. Via telephone, Nawawi said, the establishment of GUS was also to advance the metal music so as not to be viewed as a brutal music. In addition, the formation of GUS also to rectify a wrong understanding of the adherents of the flow of loud music.

"We are lovers of music we were brutal but not brutal behavior. We terkonsep has the objective and directed, "he said.

Social follow-up
Various social action has been planned GUS them clean - clean the town and houses of worship such as mosques around Grabag. Social action to change the image that dilakuakn underground music for the better.

Nawawi admit, because of the community is still seen as a brutal wing music when a concert or event is themed underground music. So often face numerous obstacles including administarsi permission from the police which is complicated and whether there are sponsors for supporting the event or concert that was held.
And since GUS was inaugurated three events or concerts shown GUS, including the Grabag greget I which took place on January 14, 2000, Grabag greget II in 2001 and Grabag greget III which took place on 25 April 2010 yesterday.

The third event was even attended by many musicians - musicians from ground water such as from Semarang, Jogjakarta, Jakarta and Toraja. "The presence of a musician - a musician hard flow it indicates that the assessment had been wrong. We are lovers of loud music but we arent nearly as violent behavior name, "he explained.

Many of discovery - the discovery of new musicians performed underground stream. Just so you know, underground musicians have high skill and feeling that there is no phonetic similarity.
"This is what makes lovers of underground music has a very strong solidarity although they look brutal," he explained.

Nawawi confirms, with a flow like music loud so many benefits that can include finding new families for underground music lovers preferring solidarity. In addition, underground music can also be a comparative study why Indonesia slowed the development of music today.
"The quality decreases with the presence of Indonesian music band - new bands pop wing because it weighs less," he said.
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